Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Wrestler's Electric Lottery Ticket

Gig News:
We have a superb show with Wrestlerish and Ashtray Electric on Friday the 26th of March at Mercury in Cape Town. Wrestlerish are releasing their album on this tour to the Cape, so we all going to bring our A-game.

Music Video News:
Another meeting has decided, after many postponements, that we will definitely be shooting the video for Mercenary on the weekend of the 26th of March. Very excited.

Album News:
We recorded another track last week, adding finishing touches soon, and then we going to master it. This song is probably the rawest of our songs, we are proud of it. Mike, the graduate, has been working hard on the album design. This album is going to be a honest piece of hard work from the four of us.

Merchandise News:
Financing the video and album is kind of costly, but as soon as we have some clarity from our respective ATM receipts, we are going to make something to keep you warm in winter, sipping on a coffee or tea, late at night, listening to our album, watching the trees.

Back in the day :)

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